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HLC-1XU01AAC(1P/25A/208-240VAC) Definite Purpose Contactor (Follow Defers To DP Contactor),Mainly Is Suitable For 50Hz Or 60Hz, When The AC-8a Use Category Fixed Working Voltage Is 240V Or 277V The Nominal Current Up To The 25A Electric Circuit, Is Suitable For The Starting And The Control Single-Phase Motor (Or Compressor) And Other Single-Phase Loads.Mainly Uses In The Domestic Electric Appliances Profession, Specially In Air Conditioning Profession,Conforms To IEC60947, UL508 and GB14048standard.


大功率继电器可用于交流50/60HZ,额定工作电压277V,直流电压至220V的控制电路中,适用于额定工作电流40A(AC—8a);30A(AC—8b) 的单相空调的压缩机或电动机控制,也可用于电加热、电动工具及各种电动机、传真机、复印机、包装机和食品加工机械等电器及设备的单相负载电路的控制。


HLR6100-1ATUBCF-AC208~240功率繼電器1A為1極,額定電流30A 以接頭端子(T型)為主,螺絲端子(B型),印刷電路板用端子(P型)等. 適用於壓縮機,加熱器控制,馬達,電源控制,複印機,傳真機,照明燈控制,微波爐,包裝機和食品加工機械等電器及設備的單相負載電路的控制. 本產品具有體積小,重量輕,線圈功耗低,觸點負載大,抗衝擊能力強,高可靠性等特性.
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